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How To Fix Park G25R Marshall Guitar Amplifier

This is the Part 1 of the video series on How To Fix Park G25R Marshall Guitar Amplifier. In Part 1 of this video series i will show you how you will disassemble the head unit of Park G25R by Marshall Amplification or any Marshall Guitar Amp or any Guitar Amplifier with similar design and construction in preparation for repairing and fixing. Also in this video will show you the very common problem of any Guitar Amplifier such as unstable audio sound, buzz, crackling, distortion, humming, audio noise, dropouts, etc., In our Part 2 of the video i will show you how to troubleshoot such any kind of problem so please Subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification button to get our latest posted videos. Thank you!

WIP test modded clipping Park G25R amp.

What about a 27 year old Park solid state amp? Junk? Well, I think differently.
Sounded like junk after intake. Yet after some contact cleaner this old girl did the job. Granted, many many upgrades can make this 90ties "budget amp by Marshall" from "meh" to "yeah".
First mod is adding a asymmetrical clipping structure in the overdrive channel.
Playing on Strat neck SC into overdrive channel with gain at 10 o'clock (fairly low mid gain).
Keep you posted.

Park / Marshall G25R sound check.

New Jensen C10R




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